The NEW Button
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A new feature for our 2021 R1 and R2 releases is a button called NEW.

This can be found at the top on the right-hand side of the Naverisk Windows

This is a quick option section tool allowing you to choose the options as shown below.



This will take you to the New Ticket window


Opens the New Device Window to download agents

Client File
Opens the window to allow you to store client files(documents) under the client’s tab

Opens the Window to create new contacts within clients

Scheduled Job
Opens the window allowing you to create scheduled,

Opens the window with ability create a project with multiple tickets.

Automation Rule
Opens window to automate service desk tasked based on incoming tickets

See Article for more information

Opens window to create information\documents within your clients

See Article for more information



Window allows you to create agreements for your clients

See Article for more information

Naverisk User

Create new users for your MSP or for Clients to access


Create new Clients

User Group

Create a user Group,


Create a new script for deployment or to run processes

See Article for more information


Opens the create new Service Window

Device Role

Opens the Window to create new Device roles for your client and client devices.

Make note to do this under the client you wish to create the device role for. It remembers the last client you were accessing. By default, it will be using the last client

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