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Naverisk 2024 R1
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Welcome to Naverisk 2024 R1

Naverisk is a complete, all-in-one, RMM & Service Desk / PSA platform that helps MSP’s and IT professionals easily monitor and automate IT services and operations.

We value feedback on our roadmap! Our Forum ( is the place to share feature requests or usability comments for roadmap consideration.

Naverisk 2024 R1 is a quality focused release with improvements in key areas such as PowerShell as well as our RMM, PSA and Service Desk feature set. Our API’s have also been extended to support the upcoming device management capabilities and the Naverisk mobile app.

PowerShell, remote console session persistence

Remote console sessions will persist through tab changes and device pinning.

PowerShell, remote console session timeout

Extended to 4 hours and will cleanly end when exiting a device to improve overall experience.

PowerShell, feedback

Naverisk will more reliably identify and manage PowerShell versions to return PowerShell feedback more accurately.

Microsoft notifications regarding newer versions of PowerShell will be displayed when starting new remote console session.

Naverisk now supports feedback across PowerShell versions 3, 5, 7.

PowerShell, other improvements

PowerShell scripts will now run in the Naverisk script pack folder, making it easier to reference other files in a single script pack.

Naverisk will now always use the latest version of PowerShell available.

Project Management, quality improvements

Adding a ticket to a project will no longer result in an error.

Project templates, improvements in editing & deleting.

API for mobile app, device screen

New APIs have been created to display device and agent information within the Naverisk mobile app. This will allow mobile app users to view and edit device data, as well as run scripts and initiate restarts for agents and devices directly from the mobile app.

Mobile app, device (preview)

We are aiming for a release in March 2024.

Performance, stability & quality improvements

In addition to the new features and enhancements in this release, we have also put a major focus on bug fixes and enhancing the overall performance of the platform.

Based on feedback from our users, we have addressed the following bugs:

Fixed: Naverisk can now run CMD (command prompt) as current user from remote console feature,

Fixed: grid column names are displayed as soon as grid pages are loaded,

Fixed: ticket validation confirmation will not pop up when not required,

Fixed: clicking the save button of Alert Templates will not change values in template fields,

Fixed: all buttons of run script pack modal will always be displayed fully,

Fixed: apostrophes used in client names will be displayed correctly in breadcrumb,

Fixed: device grid exports will show the same warranty expiry date, purchase date, lease expiry date, software, and security centre values as the device grid,

Fixed: Scheduled Jobs. “On event” jobs, frequencies can be edited without errors,

Fixed: Remote Control Activity Reporting. Reports will display correct date range,

Fixed: Ticket public replies. Contacts will not be added to recipients’ fields of public replies,

Fixed: Wake On Lan feature has been restored.

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