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Naverisk 2023 R2
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Naverisk 2023 R2

Naverisk is a complete, all-in-one, RMM & Service Desk / PSA platform that helps MSP’s and IT professionals to easily monitor and automate IT services and operations.

We value feedback on our roadmap! Our Forum ( is the place to share feature requests or usability comments for roadmap consideration.

New features

Endpoint management, ESET integration

We added an ESET integration to allow the deployment of ESET agents via device specific and OS templates in Naverisk.

Use your existing ESET credentials to authenticate the integration.

We have automated the client synchronization process to make it easier to map Naverisk and ESET clients.

We have updated the Naverisk OS Template and Device Specific Template UI to accommodate the automatic ESET agent deployment and monitoring.

The Naverisk Security Centre will display and monitor the selected ESET plan.

OS Patches, Windows optional update

Updated Naverisk APIs which will now include all Windows optional updates in the list of patches available via the Patch Management and OS Patches tabs, in order to centralize Windows updates management, authorization and reporting.

Resource centre, custom link

Added the ability to customize the output of the resource center icon in the quick access section of the application to redirect any users to a client specific URL.

Agreement, term agreement usage

Modified how Term agreement usage is displayed to show how much time has been used as well as time left on the agreement making it simpler for users to fill in a new time note.

Group permission, granting full user right

We removed the ability to assign the Full User Right permission to users who do not have the same Full User Right permission themselves.

Ticket grid, breadcrumb

Improved the ticket page’s breadcrumb functionality to efficiently help users navigate between tickets detail page and the ticket grid:

  • Clicking on the ticket number will refresh the user’s page

  • Clicking on the client’s name will redirect users to the tickets grid displaying the currently selected client’s tickets

  • Clicking on the word Tickets will redirect users to the tickets grid filtered displaying the previous client’s tickets

  • Clicking on the word Service Desk will redirect users to the tickets grid filtered displaying the top client’s tickets

Calendar, today button

Added the ability to set any calendar to today’s date making it easier to re-use copied and cloned scheduled jobs, reports, settings and any Naverisk feature which uses a calendar tool.

Package management

Changed how packages are displayed in the package management module to make it easier to visualize which packages are installed and which packages are available.

Available Package dropdown will now only show packages not yet installed. Installed Packages dropdown will now only show packages already installed.

Notification UX improvement

Clicking on the user mention notification link will now redirect the user to the actual note where the user was mentioned making it faster to find and reply to notes.

Performance, stability & quality improvements

You asked, we listened. On top of all the new features and improvements in 23 R2, we had a major focus on fixing bugs and improving the general performance of Naverisk.

Based on feedback from our users, we have addressed the following bugs:

  • Fixed: created date of copied script pack will now reflect when the script pack was copied

  • Fixed: new note button in activity tab will display the correct name of the note being selected

  • Fixed: quickly switching between tickets using the next or previous button will not trigger an error

  • Fixed: the “apply settings to sub-clients” of OS Patches settings will now correctly only apply to the sub-clients of the selected client

  • Fixed: the “all installed software” of Software tab will now correctly return a list of all installed software for all sub-clients

  • Fixed: the export output file of Software tab will correctly match the content of the OS Patches grid

  • Fixed: OS Patches tab will no longer show the data of deleted devices

  • Fixed: the device column and the device name column of the export output file of OS Patches will now display the correct value

  • Fixed: the result of Winget updates will now be correctly reflected in the device’s audit log

  • Fixed: tickets displayed in Recently Pinned grid (home page) will always show on one row

  • Fixed: removing devices’ warranty expiry, lease expiry and purchase dates from attributes fields

  • Fixed: device grid will now allow partial search of devices by model

  • Fixed: applying additional filters to a view will not change the columns displayed in the grid

  • Fixed: user mentions will adhere to ticket permissions

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