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Naverisk 2023 R1
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Naverisk 2023 R1

Naverisk is a complete, all-in-one, RMM & Service Desk / PSA platform that helps MSP’s and IT professionals to easily monitor and automate IT services and operations.

We value feedback on our roadmap!

Our Forum ( is the place to share feature requests or usability comments for roadmap consideration.

Grids, export to csv

Added the ability to export grid results to a CSV file format for additional reporting and filtering capabilities.

Naverisk onsite upgrade, simpler process - release highlight

We have removed the need to uninstall Naverisk before upgrading future version of Naverisk. (Change included in 2023 R1 to improve future releases - post 2023 R1).

Agent upgrade improvements

Changed how the agent sets communications priorities allowing faster installations, Site Controller loads, version checks and increase agent deployment reliability.

Scheduled job, new report period

Added a new report period option to the scheduled job to generate a report with the last calendar month’s data making it easier to schedule your monthly reports.

Global Search, default type

Added a default search type option on the user profile interface to enhance the global search field.

This preference will apply to all pages of the application, except when browsing one of the other search option’s tab.

Tickets, unicode

Added the ability to add emoticons and multilingual characters in ticket interface to increase ways of communicating via Naverisk tickets.

Public API, json and installed software

JSON support
Added JSON content type to all Naverisk public APIs. The XML content type will be retired in 2024. (Section 7 of API guide)

Retrieve installed software via API
Added the ability to return a list of installed software on specific devices or clients. (Section 4.6 of API guide)

Both changes are documented in the API guide below:
API Reference Guide | Naverisk Help Center

Email integration, improved workflow

Updated the email failing route to ensure every email sent to the email integration’s mailbox creates a ticket under the intended client.

Changes are documented in the email integration guide below:
Email Integration | Naverisk Help Center

Device attribute export

The device attributes export file has been updated to include all device attributes.

Term agreement, improved UX

Improved the Term agreement configuration page by automatically updating the current period’s dates when the start date of the agreement is manually changed.

Device and remote-control statuses accuracy

Updated how and when an agent receives/checks device settings to improve device and remote-control statuses.

Documents, text editor

Content box of the Naverisk Document page will fit in the entire browser to maximize the use of the available space when creating and editing documents.

Performance, stability & quality improvements

You asked, we listened. On top of all the new features and improvements in 23 R1, we had a major focus on fixing bugs and improving the general performance of Naverisk.

Based on feedback from our users, we have addressed the following bugs:

  • Fixed: Removed the possibility of having a blank sender field

  • Fixed: Search options will reflect Naverisk users’ permissions

  • Fixed: Special characters will be displayed correctly when used in Naverisk modal titles

  • Fixed: Using the tab key will let users scroll through all fields of the New Client modal

  • Fixed: Access right to patching page is now correctly assigning user permission

  • Fixed: Dissociated access rights to document and tickets to grant permission to one and/or the other

  • Fixed: Minimizing two running script pack modal will no longer return an error

  • Fixed: Ticket reports can now correctly display special characters and different alphabets

  • Fixed: Corrected a typo in the Delete File explorer modal

  • Fixed: Buttons in Dashboard will no longer overlap when graph name is very long

  • Fixed: Deleting a client included in an automation rule will not delete that automation rule

  • Fixed: Buttons in the Expense Type page have been re-aligned to match other Naverisk pages

  • Fixed: Windows patches labelled “essentiële update” can now be selected in Scheduled Jobs

  • Fixed: Secondary user field will display users as per Client settings configuration

  • Fixed: Alert frequently field on alert template page will now only allow up to 5 characters

  • Fixed: Backslashes ( \ ) used in the ticket’s trigger field will be displayed correctly in the ticket grid

  • Fixed: Date fields used to record device attributes will no longer be converted to the server time zone

  • Fixed: Antivirus software status of new devices will now be checked when the device first comes online

  • Fixed: SQL passwords are now limited to 100 characters rather 32, except for the sync service

  • Fixed: Firewall statuses will correctly be displayed when firewall multilanguage parameter is set to “enabled”

  • Fixed: Shortcut to time notes will correctly create a new note in the selected ticket

For a .pdf version of the release notes, you can download from the button below. Download Here

Deliver world-class IT services with Naverisk.

We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today!

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