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Naverisk 2022 R4
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Naverisk 2022 R4

Naverisk is a complete, all-in-one, RMM & Service Desk / PSA platform that helps MSP’s and IT professionals to easily monitor and automate IT services and operations.

We value feedback on our roadmap! Our Forum ( is the place to share feature requests or usability comments for roadmap consideration.

QuickBooks integration, unmapped agreements

Added the ability to assign a QuickBooks label to all unmapped agreements when creating an invoice in QuickBooks from a Naverisk invoice report.

Quickbook Integration in Settings

Client & licensing, client statuses

Added a column to the Client & Licensing grid in order to display the status of clients. This makes it easier to search and look through your client list.

Clients and Licensing in Settings

User chat modal, ticket trigger

This will allow the technician to set the trigger of the ticket once raised from the user chat modal.

Chat Ticket Trigger in Modal

Tickets, agreement usage

Added an agreement usage counter so technicians can track how much time has already been spent on Block and Term agreements.

Agreement Usage in Ticketing

Group, un-sharing

Shared groups can now be un-shared to quickly remove users’ permissions and control platform access.

Remote control, disabling remote access services

Native RDP will be showing as disabled when the Windows remote access service is switched off to reflect available RC options accurately.

Software licensing report, dates

The “software licensing” report will now either show the software installed date or first scanned date to show when software were added to a device.

Email integration, tickets

Naverisk will now automatically close transient email-integration-related tickets when connection is restored to reduce the amount of manual work.

Client page, tabs opening

Switching from client to client on the client’s page will not reset to the default tab making easier to compare client details.

Site controller, performance

We have reduced the site controller’s memory and CPU usage during active agent sessions to increase site controller’s overall performance (running more agents for longer).

Performance, stability & quality improvements

You asked, we listened. On top of all the new features and improvements in R4, we had a major focus on fixing bugs
and improving the general performance of Naverisk.

Based on feedback from our users, we have addressed the following bugs:

  • Fixed: Removed the possibility of having a blank sender field

  • Fixed: Search options will reflect Naverisk users’ permissions

  • Fixed: “Click Here” button of email templates will correctly redirect Naverisk users to Naverisk application

  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary scroll bars in new service and new bundle modals

  • Fixed: Improved resemblance of documents inserted in a public reply

  • Fixed: Corrupt data will be excluded to no longer prevent report creation

  • Fixed: Users reinstalling agents on devices will not need to manually delete keys from the device’s registry

  • Fixed: Users will be redirected to the documents grid after clicking the SAVE button of the document UI

  • Fixed: Saving new documents will no longer return an error

  • Fixed: Sorting tickets by due date will now be chronological regardless of time format

  • Fixed: Client status column of ticket grid will not be displayed without adequate right

  • Fixed: Sorting devices by statuses will correctly be grouped across all pages

  • Fixed: Edit and delete button of dashboard will not overlap anymore

  • Fixed: Removed the unnecessary quotation mark in the RTF version invoice job details title

  • Fixed: Email integration validation error messages will only show when errors are detected

  • Fixed: Agreement usage in software licensing report will no longer be rounded up

  • Fixed: ScreenConnect RC will becomes available after agent restarts

  • Fixed: Selecting to create an ical reminder in the ticket UI will create a meeting in the recipients’ calendar

  • Fixed: Deleting device roles from sub-client will correctly remove roles from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Deleting ticket categories from sub-client will correctly remove categories from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Deleting ticket job types from sub-client will correctly remove job types from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Deleting ticket sources from sub-client will correctly remove sources from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Deleting job statuses from sub-client will correctly remove job statuses from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Deleting ticket priorities from sub-client will correctly remove priorities from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Deleting expense types from sub-client will correctly remove expense types from selected Naverisk clients

  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary validation error message when saving a new ticket

  • Fixed: Selected client’s secondary contacts will be displayed correctly in settings page

  • Fixed: Client name and client id displayed in email notifications will match the variable selected in the email template

  • Fixed: Emails will be correctly sent to all members of a group set from an automation rule

  • Fixed: Previous version of documents will be available in the history dropdown field of document UI

  • Fixed: Buttons of Script Pack modal will now be fully displayed

  • Fixed: QR code display will correctly display when configuring 2fa authentications

  • Fixed: Logged-in-user name will be correctly showing in the device details page and device grid

  • Fixed: Device owner information will be cleared when moving a device from one client to another

  • Fixed: Memory graph of performance tab will steadily display memory usage

For a .pdf version of the release notes, you can download from the button below. Download Here

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We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today!

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