Naverisk Mobile App
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Support your customers on-the-go from your Android mobile or tablet. The Naverisk mobile app lets you access, edit and create tickets.

Available from Google Play.

Naverisk mobile app is only available for MSPs and IT departments using Naverisk 2023 R3.

1. Log In screen

log in screen interface

  1. URL field

  2. Username

  3. Password/2FA option

  4. Log in button

  5. Installed mobile app version

Use your existing Naverisk credentials to log in the mobile app:

  1. Enter the Naverisk URL

  2. Enter your username

  3. Enter your password or 2FA code

2.Ticket screen

By default, the ticket screen displays the logged-in user's open tickets only.

Users can refine the list of tickets displayed by selecting one their Naverisk view (created on the web app) or using the search and filters feature.

Ticket screen interface

  1. SLA status

  2. Client name

  3. Ticket priority

  4. Ticket number

  5. Ticket trigger

  6. Ticket age

  7. Contact or Device name

  8. Ticket status (assigned or unassigned)

Ticket screen filters

  1. Naverisk views button

  2. Search and filters button

  3. Create Tickets button

3. Activity tab

The activity tab displays all the notes, log changes, and emails relating to a ticket.

Tap the (+) button to create new notes and emails.

  1. Activity filters

  2. Create notes

Create any types of notes and emails from the activity tab of the app by tapping the (+) button.

4. Settings screen

Tap the refresh data and clear filter button (1) to update app data, views and filters.

Tap legal information buttons (2) to open corresponding links to the Naverisk website on your preferred mobile browser.

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