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QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration

Discover how to integrate your Quickbooks account with Naverisk.

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This document's purpose is to give an overview of the Naverisk and QuickBooks integration and to explain the basic setup for integration.

1.0 Setting up a QuickBooks Account

A QuickBooks account can be created in the below website. A desktop version of QuickBooks is also available however, the current Naverisk/QuickBooks integration is for QuickBooks Online.

  1. Log into QuickBooks.

2. Create a Company in QuickBooks.
When you first login to QuickBooks, the QuickBooks setup wizard takes you through the Company set up dialogs so that you can create your Company.

3. Create a Customer in QuickBooks

Next step is to create Customers in QuickBooks. Click on the "Sales" option in the Left pane, then Customers, and then "New customer" in top right corner of the current window. Make a note of the value in "Display name as" which will be used by Naverisk for integration.

4. Create a Tax Code in QuickBooks

Click on the "Taxes" option to create Taxes. Depend on the Taxing methods followed by the organisation, create the appropriate Taxes by clicking on the Add tax button found on the right. Take note of the values of the "Tax Name" which will be used by Naverisk for integration.

5. QuickBooks Product or Service [Naverisk calls it an ItemList]

The QuickBooks Product or Service is the entity against which the Invoices are categorised. There are already existing Items but there is always the option to add customised items in the list. 

Please make a Note of the Service that Naverisk will create the invoice for. This information is needed for the integration.

2.0 Setting up QuickBooks Integration

Important: If you have an on-site Naverisk installation, your Naverisk URL must be registered with QuickBooks. Please see this guide to create your secure app connection.

Please contact our Support Team if you need our assistance here.

To create the connection to QuickBooks via Naverisk, do the following.

  1. Under Settings > QuickBooks, select the appropriate Client and click on 'QuickBooks Integration Enabled'.

  2. Click on the 'Save' button.

  3. Click on the 'Disconnect' button to bring up the 'Edit User' page.

4. Within the 'Edit User page, click on the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button.

Note: Existing User will have already have the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button available.

5. Enter the QuickBooks login credentials created in the above QuickBooks setup.
6. The authorisation window shows the company configured for this user and request for authorisation. Click Connect if the company created in the QuickBooks is shown.

7. When the connection succeeds the below disconnect button will appear.

8. After the connection is made with QuickBooks, mapping of the parameter should be made for Naverisk to create the Invoice against the customer/client.

3.0 Mapping the QuickBooks Parameters

1. In Naverisk Settings > Integration > QuickBooks Tab, select the matching Clients.

2. From the drop down menus provided, select the corresponding Customer Name and Tax ID.

3. Map Naverisk expense types to QuickBooks product and services from the Mapped Expense grid.

4. Map Naverisk agreements to QuickBooks product and services from the Mapped Agreements grid.

5. Set default values for unmapped expense notes, time notes and agreements:

  • Unmapped expense notes are Naverisk expense notes not mapped to QuickBooks products or services.

  • Unmapped times notes are Naverisk time notes not associated with any Naverisk agreements or agreements which have not been mapped to QuickBooks products or services.

  • Unmapped agreements are Naverisk agreements which have not been mapped to QuickBooks products or services.

6. Click Save.
7. Once the Mapping is done. Invoice can be created via "Reports > Invoice Job Details" or "Reports > Invoice Report".

4.0 Creating a Naverisk Invoice

To create a Naverisk Billing Report that will append to your QuickBooks instance, please do the following.

  1. Select "Invoice Job Details" Report.

  2. Select the client against which the QuickBooks configuration is made.

  3. Select all other relevant option.

  4. Tick "Create Invoice in QuickBooks" checkbox to create Invoice in QuickBooks.

  5. Tick "Include Invoiced History Notes in new Invoice" checkbox to create Invoice for already Invoiced entered.

6. When 'Generate Report' is clicked the PDF report gets generated and at the mean time Invoice gets created in QuickBooks for the Time and Expense Notes.

5.0 Troubleshooting

If the following Server Error appears when trying to connect to QuickBooks via Naverisk, it could be due to the web.config file not updating correctly.

Please do the following to rectify this error.

  1. Log into your Naverisk Server.                                                                                    Navigate to C:\%program files%\Naverisk Website\web.config and search this file for; <sessionState mode="StateServer" cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="20">

  2. Change the above string to;                                                                      <sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="20">

  3. Restart the SiteControllerService for the changes to the web.config to take effect.

Note: if this error has not been rectified after updating the web.config file, please contact for assistance.

Reports not displaying or blank

To resolve this issue please make sure all fields have information as per the below picture. If the fields say None or Unmapped then details must be entered. Once these fields are populated then reports will run and display data correctly.

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