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Xero Integration Using OAuth
Xero Integration Using OAuth

Integrate your Xero account to trigger Xero invoices through Naverisk.

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Xero integration allows users flexibility in billing their customers on a platform they prefer. 

When you generate an invoice, the integration will cause an invoice to be generated in Xero for you to send to your customers. 

The main configuration of Xero will need to be implemented by Naverisk Partners that are running an Onsite install of Naverisk. Cloud partners of Naverisk will not need to do this as we have configured the Clouds. As a Cloud partner you will only need to be connected using your Xero username and password.

1.0 Xero Prerequisites for Naverisk Onsite Users

For all Naverisk Onsite installations;

  1. Naverisk must be added as an application under 'My Applications > Add Application' within Xero Develop Centre

2. Xero will generate a 'Consumer Key' and a 'Consumer Secret'.

3. Please note that even though it says (optional) it is required that you fill out your OAuth callback domain.

4. The Xero 'Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret' that are generated within the Xero Develop Centre must replace the default Xero 'Key' and 'Secret' and 'Secret' withing Naverisk's web.config and NaveriskSiteController.exe.config.

  • web.config (located in \%Program Files%\Naverisk Website\Website)

  • NaveriskSiteController.exe.config (Located in \%Program Files%\Naverisk\SiteController)

**Important: Ensure that you restart the Site Controller Service after adding the           Xero API Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Note: Cloud Clients will already have ‘out of the box’ Xero Integration.

2.0 Setting up Xero Integration with Naverisk

To create the connection to Xero via Naverisk, do the following.

  1. Under Settings > Xero Integration, choose the desired Client from the Client list and click on the 'Disconnect' button.

2. An 'Edit User' box will pop up, click on the 'Connect' button Xero.

3. A Xero Authorise Application box will pop up, simply click on the 'Authorise' button.

Xero has now been successfully integrated with Naverisk.

3.0 Mapping the Xero Parameters in Naverisk

  1. In Naverisk Settings > Xero Integration, from the Client List select required Xero Customer.

2. Select from the Xero drop-downs
     -     Customer Name
     -     Tax ID
     -     Default Item
     -     Time Notes Item in the drop-down boxes provided and
3. Click Save (the names and items within these fields will have to be created in Xero).
4. Once the Mapping is done an Invoice can be created via Reports > Invoice Job Details.

4.0 Creating a Naverisk Invoice

To create a Naverisk Billing Report that will append to your Xero instance, please do the following.

  1. Go to Reports > Billing

  2. Select Invoice Job Details.

  3. Select the client against which the Xero configuration is made.

  4. Tick "Include Invoiced History Notes in new Invoice"

  5. Select / update any other relevant options.

  6. Tick the "Create Invoice in Xero" checkbox to create an Invoice in Xero.

6. When 'Generate Report' is clicked the report will be generated and an invoice will be created in Xero under Sales > Invoices > Draft.


Reports not displaying or blank

To resolve this issue please make sure all fields have information as per the below picture. If the fields say None or Unmapped then details must be entered. Once these fields are populated then reports will run and display data correctly.

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