Pinning to Tabs

Learn how to minimize and pin objects to the User Interface to improve navigation around Naverisk.

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In this guide we outline how you can minimize and pin objects to the UI, allowing you to improve your workflow and save time navigating the portal.

1.0 How & What can be Pinned

When you are working in the portal you are now able to pin anything that has either the pin button, or the minimise button.

Pin button:

Minimise button:

1.1 Device

1.2 Ticket

Via search icon in top right-hand corner of Devices page.

1.4 Run Script Pack Window

1.5 Chat Window

1.6 Task Manager

Once you have various items Pinned in the UI, you can carry on working around the portal and open any of your Pinned items from any section of Naverisk.

In the image below, we are in the Tickets page and you can see our Pinned items at the top. A ticket, device, task manager, site document and a KB document. 

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