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Splashtop Business Configuration
Splashtop Business Configuration

Learn how to configure your Splashtop Business account within Naverisk.

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Naverisk has partnered with Splashtop to bring world class Remote Control built-in to Naverisk at no extra cost to you! You only need to enable Naverisk RC under the Remote Control settings page.

If you currently have a paid Splashtop Business account and still wish to use it, please follow the rest of this guide.

You can use Splashtop Business as an optional method of Remote Control within Naverisk. This document’s purpose is to provide the steps for configuring Splashtop Business Remote Control to be accessible from your Naverisk Instance.

1.0 Splashtop Business Configuration

Follow the steps below in Splashtop Business to create a deployment package, this package will be used by Naverisk to deploy the Splashtop Streamers via the Naverisk Agents.

Note: The Splashtop Business account will need management rights to be able to create Splashtop Deployment Packages.

  1. Log into Splashtop Business and navigate to Management > Deployment > Create Deployment Package.

2. Configure the Package as needed and give it a name e.g Naverisk then click on 'Create Deployment Package' at the bottom of the page.
3. The package will now be added into Splashtop with your own unique code, this code will be entered into Naverisk.

2.0 Configuration for Splashtop Business

Follow the steps below for configuration of Naverisk to allow Splashtop Business remote access;

  1. Navigate to Settings > Splashtop Business Integration and select the appropriate Client.

  2. Enter the Default User Account (this is the user login for the Splashtop Business account).

  3. Enter your unique Splashtop Business Deployment Code (found in Splashtop Business > Management > Deployment).

Note: You can either use a generic user account by setting the Deployment Code at a client level. This will allow any users for that client access to Splashtop. Or you can restrict access to 1 or 2 users by adding the Splashtop Deployment Code to the specified Users accounts in Naverisk under Settings > Users & Groups > User Settings.

4. Navigate to Settings > Remote Control and select the Appropriate Client.
5. Check the Splashtop Business box

6. Navigate to Devices and select the appropriate Client.
7. Click on the Device's name that you want to connect via Splashtop Business, to bring up the Device Details.

8. Once Splashtop Business has been selected as the Remote Control option, simply click on the Remote Control Icon of that device to connect.

3.0 Troubleshooting

If you are unable to remote to a Device using Splashtop Business through Naverisk, please do the following.

  1. Check that the machine is present within Splashtop > Computers.

2. Ensure that the 'SplashtopRemoteService' is running on the Device. This can be located under Naverisk > Devices > Device Details > Operating System > Services.

If the service is in a stopped state, click on the 'Select a Service Task' to find "Start Selected Service'

If your are still experiencing issues, please contact

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