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TeamViewer Configuration

Find out how to configure TeamViewer Remote Control within Naverisk.

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You can use TeamViewer as an optional method of Remote Control within Naverisk. This document’s purpose is to provide the steps for configuring TeamViewer Remote Control to be accessible from your Naverisk Instance.

1.0 Prerequisites

In order for TeamViewer Remote Control to work through Naverisk the following is required:

  1. TeamViewer client must be installed on the source Device (your Device).

  2. The TeamViewer server must be installed on the end-user Device.

  3. The end Device must be accessible through Naverisk.

  4. Java may be required for the RMM connection.

2.0 TeamViewer Configuration for Naverisk

Follow the steps below for configuration of TeamViewer on the end device to allow Naverisk remote access;

  1. In the end device's system tray, right-click on the TeamViewer Icon and selected 'Setup Unattended Access'

2. Enter the password that you wish to use, the Computer name will be automatically populated. Click Next

3. Select 'I don't want to create a TeamViewer account now' and click Next.

4. After setup of TeamViewer's unattended access on the end device has been completed, you will be presented with a TeamViewer ID, click finish.

Note: The device ID will be sent by the Naverisk Agent to the Naverisk Site Controller for Remote Connection through Naverisk.

3.0 Naverisk Configuration for TeamViewer

Follow the steps below to allow Naverisk to use the TeamViewer application for remote access.

  1. Navigate to settings > Remote Control and select the appropriate client from the Client list 

  2. Enable TeamViewer by selecting the 'Tick Box' under Remote Control.

Note: Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of Remote Control

3. Navigate to Devices, select the appropriate Client and click on the Device's name to bring up the Device Details page and select TeamViewer for Remote Control.

Once you have connected to the device, put in the TeamViewer password that you defined when setting up the unattended access in TeamViewer.

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