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QuickBooks Onsite App Creation Guide
QuickBooks Onsite App Creation Guide
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If you wish to connect QuickBooks to your onsite Naverisk instance then you need to create an app and secure keys. You will then place these in our Naverisk Site Controller Configuration.

  1. Click on the below link to start process

2. Click Sign Up and Fill in the form as below

3. Verify your created account

4. Agree to the Terms of Service

5. Fill in the following form:

6. Once completed you can then proceed To the Dashboard to start the app creation. Please follow the steps below.

From Here you will need to create an App.

Select Quickbooks.

Enter your App Name and select

Select Production Settings.

Enter in the below Terms of service link in the links section as below.

Select App URLs. This will be your Naverisk website domain, and website.

Categorize your app ie Project Management.

Select None of the above as per the image below.

Select Add Country.

Select from the dropdown window as per the image below.

Select the allowed country confections and then click save.

Start the Questionnaire.

Complete the Questionnaire as per the images below.

as per the section in the below image. (this is the section provides a link for instructions that required you to create an app)

Submit the questionnaire once completed.

Click on Dashboard.

Click App Name.

Make sure everything is ticked, if not, click the link and complete the relevant form.

Add the Naverisk Website link with /OAuth/Callback.aspx at the end.

record/copy/store Client ID and Client Secret.

Click Save.

Important:- Your App creation is now completed. You will need to Add the below into the NaveriskSiteController.exe.config file. (please note this is an example and you will need to substitute Client ID and Client Secret values with those obtained from the app creation)

<!-- QuickBooks OAuth2.0 Consumer Client Id and Client Secret -->

<add key="QuickBooksApiClientId" value="ABlBH2bbmZeAYQmgjlEYXYqP9cgPV1VqFjspTUJJoG2GziwITT" />

<add key="QuickBooksApiClientSecret" value="dMfQXo9ef6Rp6VcR8jfwP0J7hw8yLfJF3XwLkTp8" />

<!-- QuickBooks api config -->

<add key="QuickBooksEnvironment" value="production" />

<add key="QuickBooksApiBaseUrl" value="" />

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