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The dashboard is the first page that displays when you log into Arma. This is an overview of your customers and their backup status.

Menu Options


Selecting this allows you to see all your clients. This is also where you set up your clients.


Selecting this will display a list of all your devices added to Arma.
You can individually select a device or client from the menu. So you can then go to the device configuration or the client to display all devices under that client.


Selecting this allows you to set up other users both for your company and your clients. It will also display the current user list.


Here you can set up billing for your clients. you can also see the summary of what is to be billed.


Select this to send a report and also add branding to your reports. There is also information on how to schedule reports.
Report Help


This gives you a quick overview of the data used for your clients and plans.

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