Using the Clients page

View your client's tickets, devices, users and agreements from the clients page

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The clients page allows you to review details about your clients including devices, tickets contacts and agreements

Open the clients page by selecting the Clients icon on the menu bar on the left. You can expand the client tree by clicking on the hamburger icon. From the tree you can select any required client.

At the top of the page is the Client Details panel. The first column shows information about the client including Name, Description, Status, Industry, License and Billing Details.

The second column show the Primary and Secondary Contact's details.

The third column has the counts of Standard, Advanced and Passive Devices, for both the selected client, and also that client and any sub-clients below it in the tree. This total shows all devices for both the client and sub client(s).

If there are no sub-clients, the totals will only be shown for the selected client

The last column shows the total number of contacts, for the client and client plus sub-clients. If you are using an **AYCE** per client agreement, the totals of contacts covered by the agreement and out of the agreement are shown. These contacts can be shown under the Agreements tab.

For each client, you can view details of Devices, Support Tickets, attached files, Contacts and Support Agreements

Devices Tab

All devices for the selected client are shown in the Devices Tab. This does not show any sub-client's devices, to view these select the required sub-client.

The device list is presented in the same way as the Devices page, and you can select the details to include in the list from the Select Columns menu. The devices list can be sorted on data from any column by clicking on the desire column heading.

Clicking on the device name will open the device page where you can view and manage the device, including running script packs, opening a remote console or using the file manager.

Support Tickets Tab

This tab displays all current support tickets for the selected client. Only tickets for the selected client are shown, no sub-client tickets are shown. These can be viewed by selecting the required sub-client.

Ticket details can be previewed by clicking on the expand icon

Clicking on the edit icon will open the ticket view, allowing you to view, edit and work on the ticket.

Files Tab

The files tab allows you to upload and view documents related to the client. These could include contracts or support agreements, network diagrams, or any other document relating to the client.

To upload a document, click New File, and in the New Client File window, enter a name for the file, then click Choose File to select the desired file. You can add multiple files if required. Once all files are attached, click Save.

Contacts Tab

This tab allows you to view and manage all contact persons for the client. You may view and edit contact records, as well as adding new contacts either individually or by importing them from a CSV file. Any person sending an email to a ticket for the client will also be automatically added to the contacts list.

To add a single contact, click on the New Contact button to display the New Contact window. Enter the contacts details as required.

The Agreement field is used when you have an AYCE per user agreement in place with the client. Selecting the agreement will assign the contact to the agreement to indicate that the user is covered by the agreement, and will add the contact to the Client Contacts: In Agreement total. For more details on using AYCE per user agreements, please see (billing article)

Clicking on a contact's name in the list view will open up the Edit Contact window. This has the same layout as the Add Contact window.

Multiple contacts may be selected in the list view by ticking the selection box by each contact. From the Select a Task drop-down menu, you can perform a Bulk Update of Client Attributes, allowing you to edit multiple clients at once. You can also delete all selected contacts.

Agreements Tab

All agreements for the current client are listed on the Agreements Tab. Expired agreements are flagged with a red warning icon, current agreements have a green tick icon. This tab allows technicians to easily see the current agreement and type in force for the client. The agreements view is read-only, any changes to agreements must be made in Settings > Agreements.

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