Website Parameters

Information on the Naverisk Website Parameters plus all the customization options that are available for your web.config file

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1.0 Editing the Website Parameters

Naverisk Website Parameters are sorted in a file called web.config. This is typically located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Website folder.

How to add / edit a parameter:

  1. Open up the Web.config file which can be found in the Website folder.
    - C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Website

  2. Find the matching key you would like to edit, or go to a new line under where the "LogLevel" key is located.

  3. Modify / Add the Key and Value so it looks like the example below:

<add key="whiteLabelFooter" value="Copyright MyCompanyName Limited. All Rights Reserved."/>
<add key="PageTitle" value="Welcome to MyNaverisk"/>

4. Save the configuration file, then restart the Naverisk website.

2.0 Table of Website Parameters

The following table provides you with all the customization that is available for you web.config file. You would go about changing these parameters in the same way shown in the example provided in section 1.0. Please remember to always make a backup before making any modifications to ensure that you have a role back plan.

A mistake can be made when entering or modifying items in the web.config file and are usually due to the difference between the way word and notepad interpret quotation marks. Always copy any text into notepad first in order to strip any kind of formatting before entering it into the config file. 

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