Rebranding - Onsite

Find out how to customise your Naverisk instance with your own branding.

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The following outlines how you can customise Naverisk to make it more Client Facing. This includes the Tray Icon which clients will use to submit Support Requests, and the Website Logo, for when Clients login to your Naverisk Instance and the Reports for which you will send to your Clients.

1.0 Updating a Customer Tray Icon Image

You can customize the Tray Icon for the Onsite based installation of Naverisk from ‘Settings > Tray Icon’. There is a section for choosing a *.ico file to use for the ‘Connected’, ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Remotely Controlled’ states of the Tray Icon.  

The other required criteria are that they need to be 16px by 16px, 32 bit colour and be respectively named:

  • Icon_naverisk_tray_conn.ico          (for the connected icon)

  • Icon_naverisk_tray_disconn.ico     (for the disconnected icon)

  • Icon_naverisk_tray_rc.ico               (for the remotely connected icon)

2.0 Replacing the Website Logo & Page Elements

To change the login you need to replace the login-logo.png found in E:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Website\Resources\Images.

You can also change the other elements in this login page by modifying the login.aspx file found under E:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Website

Right-click and edit the file in notepad or your preferred text editor, and you will see the lines you can edit:

To change the logo at the top of the website you need to change the irisLogo.png found under C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Website \Resources\Images\ with an image that has a maximum size of 160x50 pixels.

To edit the copyright label and page header, edit the web.config file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Website folder.

The keys to be added/modified are whiteLabelFooter (this replaces the copyright message in the website) and/or PageTitle (this replaces the title of the website in your browser).

For example:

<add key="whiteLabelFooter" value="Copyright MyCompanyName limited. All Rights Reserved."/>
<add key="PageTitle value="Welcome to my Navrisk"/>

3.0 Custom Report Logo

Logo should be PNG format, and 3:1 aspect ratio. The image should be high enough resolution not to look blurry on a PDF, e.g. 600 pixels by 200 pixels or more.

File needs to be copied to:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk\ReportingService\Images

  • Logo file name should be:                                                                                                          -  ReportLogo_1557.png

Note: 1557 is the client ID number, which can be found in the Naverisk Console by hovering your cursor to the Client name

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