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Find out how to customise your Naverisk instance with your own branding.

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The following outlines how you can customise your Tray Icons and the details required to Rebrand your Reports. It will also go over the different steps you can undertake to setup and troubleshoot why your tray Icons are not being sent or updated on your client’s devices.

1.0 Setting up the Icon

You can customize the Tray Icon for your Cloud based installation of Naverisk from ‘Settings > Tray Icon’. There is a section for choosing a *.ico file to use for the ‘Connected’, ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Remotely Controlled’ states of the Tray Icon.  

The other required criteria are that they need to be 16px by 16px, 32 bit colour and be respectively named:

  • Icon_naverisk_tray_conn.ico         (for the connected icon)

  • Icon_naverisk_tray_disconn.ico    (for the disconnected icon)

  • Icon_naverisk_tray_rc.ico              (for the remotely connected icon)

To verify this, please right click on your Icon file, select Properties > Details. 

If you have trouble with your Icon file, or that it is not the correct size, please use the below link to convert an image file into the correct format Icon file to be used with Naverisk.

2.0 Uploading the Icon

Once you have uploaded your Icons into the corresponding fields, please remember to Save Settings.

If you experience an issue trying to copy all of your Tray Icon Settings down to your sub-clients please select the specific fields that you have customised instead of selecting ‘All’.

Your Icons should now be copied down and automatically update on your Client's Devices.

3.0 Troubleshooting

Should your Icons not update correctly, please follow the below steps to find out why.

Check the directory C:\ProgramData\Naverisk\TrayClient

If these Icons are not there, please go back to step one and make sure the Icons are the right size and the correct name to the corresponding Tray Icon. 

You will also need to make sure that you can view these Icons in an image viewer prior to uploading to make sure they are not corrupted. Please also ensure that the Tray Client is running on that Device.

To start the TrayClient.exe navigate to - C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk\Agent (Naverisk Site Controller application is only supported on 64bit systems).

If the Icons are there but have not updated on the Tray Icon, please restart the Trayclient.exe process. Alternatively, please download the below Script and run it across the Device that you are having an issue with:

If the Icon does not update after restarting the Tray Client, please right click on the Icon file, select Properties > Details to confirm that the Icon resolution size is 16 x 16. You should be able to preview the icon thumbnail in windows, if you cannot then try saving the icon file again using a different image editor (such as GIMP image editor).

If you are trying to update the icons and your old icons are still there, please delete the icons from this folder and restart the Tray Client.

4.0 Updating the Reports Logo

To customise the logo that appears on your Reports, please send your logo in the .png picture format to

The logo needs to be 600 pixels by 200 pixels in order to fit on the reports.

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