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Patch 3rd Party Applications Using Ninite Pro
Patch 3rd Party Applications Using Ninite Pro

Find out how to configure Ninite Pro Software Updates within Naverisk to patch 3rd party applications.

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This document is intended to walk you through the steps of configuring Ninite Pro Software Updates to work through Naverisk. Please note, this requires the paid version of Ninite to function. This can be purchased from Ninite

1.0 Ninite Pro Configuration

To integrate Naverisk with Ninite Pro follow these steps below.

  1. Log in to Naverisk, navigate to Settings and select the Routine Store Icon

2. Download each of the following three (3) Script Packs

3. Within the Naverisk console, navigate back to Settings and select the Script Packs icon

4. Using the Client Tree on the left, choose the client with Devices intended for Ninite Pro.

5. Click on 'Upload Script Packs' on the right to upload the 3 Ninite Pro Script packs.

6. To edit each Ninite Pro Script Pack, click on the green arrow icon.
7. Click Add the File to add your licensed copy of Ninite Pro (usually named NiniteOne.exe)

Note: Repeat steps 3-7 for each additional client that may use Ninite Pro. To make this process simpler, export the Ninite Pro Script Packs that have the NiniteOne.exe attached and simply upload these Scrip Packs under the necessary clients.

2.0 Running Script Packs on Devices

Under the Devices Tab, select the necessary Devices to run the Ninite Pro Scripts on the select 'Run Script Packs' under the Select a Task drop-down.

  1. For the 'Application Audit' and 'Update All' scripts, click Run.

  2. For updating a single app, type the name of the application in the Script Pack Command Parameters textbox before running the script.

3.0 Scheduling Ninite Pro Script Packs with Naverisk

To create a scheduled job to run Ninite Pro Scripts, click on New Job under the Scheduling Tab.

  1. Set the Scheduling time

  2. Select the Script Packs radio button

  3. Choose your Ninite Pro Script pack

  4. Click on Select Device Filter under ‘General’ to choose the Devices that the Ninite Pro script will run on

  5. Save.

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