Excel Reports Not Opening
Updated over a week ago

Currently, Naverisk can only handle specific regional settings. If you are having issues opening Excel\CSV reports then this setting needs to be checked on the server hosting the Naverisk Site Controller. These settings will allow Naverisk to create the XLS\CSV report in the correct format and allow it to be opened successfully.

See step-by-step instructions to make the relevant changes:

  1. Open Region (as per the image below)

2. Click on change the date, time, or number format (as per the image below)

3. Click on Additional settings (as per the image below)

4. Make sure the Decimal Symbol is selected as a full stop, change if required (as per the image below)

5. Click on Administrative (as per the image below)

6. Choose copy settings (as per the image below)

7. Choose 'welcome screen and system accounts' (asper the image below)

8. Click OK to Finish.

9. Reboot your server then re-run your reports.

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