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Using MinIO S3 Gateway
Using MinIO S3 Gateway

Minio Configuration for Arma

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Arma can backup data to any network share or S3 storage location.
​MinIO can be used as a S3 gateway on any network storage device.

Configure your MinIO Server

Install and configure your MinIO Server, or NAS device (note some NAS appliances have MinIO built-in).

Once completed you will have a path to access the MinIO device.

Open access port 9000

Devices at remote sites will connect directly to the MinIO gateway via port 9000 (or any other configured port).

Configure Arma to backup via MinIO

Go to Clients and select Storage.

Storage Type. Select S3 (Select your own S3 provider).

Access Key. User name for MinIO device.
​Secret key. Password for the MinIO device.

URL. Path to MinIO device, eg.

Force Path Style. Must be enabled if not using HTTPS.

Enable HTTP. Must be enabled if not using HTTPS.

S3 buckets created by Arma

Please note.

  1. You cannot create custom buckets.

  2. Arma will automatically create one bucket per client.

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