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Arma and using MINIO
Arma and using MINIO
Minio Configuration for Arma
Written by Graeme McRae
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This article will cover using MINIO on a server or NAS to create local storage for your Arma Backup.

To download see this link and help guides are available on this site.

Create and Configure your MINIO Server

Create or configure your MINIO Server or NAS device. Some NAS appliances have MINIO built-in so they just require configuration. (see the NAS supplier help guide if required)

Once completed you will have a path to access the MINIO device from web Brower This path will be something like this

NB: if you have installed Certificates, it will be

Open Access Port

You must open up port 9000 or the configured port you set when installing. (the default is 9000) on the client, site to allow Arma to talk to client devices. If this is not open then data cannot be transferred. You can test its open by accessing the path from a browser at your client site.

Login to Appliance

From the browser, you should see the login page below.

You need to use the keys to log in which you will have created when you set up the device. Example:- minio and mini-storage

Keep a record of these as you will need these within Arma and when you access the MINIO device.

Setting storage in Arma For MINIO

Install your client and in the storage option within Arma, choose your own S3 storage

Enter details into the primary storage window (see Below Image)

Access Key and Secret key are the login details of the MINIO device and the URL is the path used within the browser.

NB: You must select Force path style and Enable HTTP if not using HTTPS. The URL is important you must be able to connect externally to it.

The region endpoint can be entered and should be entered if connectivity is not working. Adding the endpoint will assist in connectivity and can be found here.

Understanding S3 Buckets

Please note you cannot point to your own bucket the bucket will be created by Arma and will look like the image below(The Option to choose your own bucket is in development at present.)

You will have one bucket per client and the number corresponds to the client

You can check your client ID in the browser and you will have a bucket for each client

How to see your files in S3 Bucket

Files will show within the bucket as below

The base is your current data and the archive is the archive set within Arma.

Files will be shown as numbers as these are encrypted files.

Restore Files

You can see the files within Arma using the Arma Browser. You would also restore.

From the Arma Browser to your client device. Please see Arma Guide for assistance


If the backups have been successful for some time and you suddenly see the error below in the logs. Check your MINIO Certificate is current and Valid. If the certificate expires backups will run but not copy data to S3 storage.

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