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Issues Accessing the Forum and Routine Store
Issues Accessing the Forum and Routine Store
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Forum Access

If you encounter the following error when accessing the Naverisk User Forums (error message below):


Unable to Login

An error occurred logging you in using your Naverisk ID.

Ensure you are logged into your Naverisk website before accessing the Naverisk Forum.


Then please ensure that incoming TCP traffic to your Naverisk Website server is permitted over port 80. This is the address which the Naverisk forum site will use to request credentials from your Naverisk Site Controller.

If you access your Naverisk Website using HTTPS, then allow incoming TCP traffic from [] to your Naverisk Website server over port 443. To check IP please ping

Some background on how the connection works. When you try to access the Naverisk Forums or Routine store, you issue a connection to the Naverisk Forum server. The Forum server will then try to complete the handshake on the exact same connection you just used. If the Forum server cannot handshake with your Naverisk server, you will not be able to access the Forums or the Routine Store.

You may notice that when you try to access your Naverisk instance with an address that is not specific in your System Settings a notification is displayed warning you that you will not be able to access the Forums or Routine Store unless you use the address specified in the System Settings.

If you have multiple websites configured within your IIS settings, please check that all communication has valid handshake with the same connection that it goes out on. This has been known to also cause issues.

Please be aware that if you want to use a non-standard port in IIS for your URL, Naverisk supports only the following non-standard ports: 444, 4433, 4443, 8080.

Also make sure you have a valid email address in your user. If you do not have a valid email address the forum cant create and SSO link and will return an Error.

If you still cannot access the Naverisk Forums or Routine store after this, then contact the support team at and we can assist you getting this resolved.

Routine Store

When accessing routine store by default you should be using ports 80:443. However some proxy servers firewalls and AV products may change the routing port.

If you have trouble accessing the port, check the error message for the port being accessed

Look for the port field and check what ports if not 80,443 then its using a non standard port

Please can you confirm that you have the below in your Naverisk Web config file C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk\Website\Web.config

<!-- Forum Auth Server link-->

<add key="ForumAuthServer" value=""/>

If it’s not there, then please add the above to the config file.

Naverisk support maybe able to open this port for you at the host. Or best to check which of your settings in your firewall/proxy or AV is changing the port and adjust accordingly. Another option would be to exclude the traffic for the routine store website.

If you using a strong firewall and restricting IP access then please contact support to get the outbound IP for the Routine Store. This will need to go into your inbound rules.

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