The service catalogue allows you to define recurring services, such as software licensing or cloud services that you wish to on-sell to your clients. These services are charged on a "per instance" basis, eg per user for Microsoft 365 licenses, or per endpoint for AntiVirus software.

To configure or edit recurring services, go to Settings > Service Catalogue, This will display a list of all recurring services. Note that the Service Catalogue is "global", with the services available to all of your clients.

To create a new service, click the New Service button. To edit an existing service, click the Edit button for the required service. This will open the New or Edit Service dialogue.

Enter the service details, selecting the required service type from the drop down list:

Select the appropriate vendor. If the vendor is not listed, you can add it under Settings > Vendors.

The cost is your buy cost, per unit, for the service. The cost charged to your client is configured under a Recurring Service Agreement, allowing you to set this on a client-by-client basis.

Select the required payment term from the drop down list:

This is the frequency that you are billed for the service. If required, you can charge the service to your client at a different frequency - this is configured under the appropriate Recurring Service Agreement.

After saving the Service, you are able to add it to the required Recurring Service Agreements.

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