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Recurring Services Agreement
Recurring Services Agreement
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This Agreement is used to bill single and bundle services such as subscriptions and IT services periodically invoiced.

Note that single and bundle services must first be added in the Service Catalogue.

Recurring Services Agreement can be created as follows:

  • Settings page - Settings > Agreements click New Agreement.

  • NEW button - quick access icon in the top right corner of the application

In the New Agreement dialog box, enter the required information

Description - Value displayed in the Invoice Report.

Recurring Service Agreements can be set to ‘Require Time on Ticket to Close’ enabled to track the time consumed.

Service - Choose a configured service from the service catalogue

Starts At - The start date of the current Agreement.

Ends At - The date at which the current Agreement expires/ends.

Quantity - The number of units of the service covered by the agreement. For example, for a software license subscription this would be the number of user licenses required.

Service - Select a service or bundle from the Service Catalogue.

Sell Price - This is the price you are going to charge your client for each unit. Note that the default sell price will automatically populate as defined on the selected service or bundle.

Sell Frequency - The interval you will bill your client for the service. Note that this can differ from the billing interval configured in the Service Catalogue. Naverisk will take into account differences between the intervals configured in the Service Catalogue and the Agreement when calculating the agreement value and profitability.

Note that the default sell frequency will automatically populate as defined on the selected service or bundle.

Sell Frequency can be configured as

  • Weekly

  • Fortnightly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Semi-Annually

  • Annually

Once the details are entered, Naverisk will make a cost calculation so you can verify that you have configured the pricing correctly and verify the service is profitable

Service Cost - this is the per-unit cost configured for the service in the Service Catalogue

Monthly Agreement Value - The amount per month chargeable for the agreement. If the Sell Frequency is not monthly, this figure will be calculated from the period specified to a monthly amount.

Monthly Profitability - This is calculated from the monthly chargeable amount and the monthly service cost.

Note that while these costs are shown as monthly, the Agreement will be invoiced based on the Sell Frequency specified.

Alerts for Recurring Services Agreements:

The example below shows an Alert will be generated 30 days before the Agreement’s renewal date.

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