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All You Can Eat (AYCE) Per User Agreements
All You Can Eat (AYCE) Per User Agreements
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This Agreement is used for clients to purchase unlimited support against tickets raised by the specified users. A common example is supporting a client and charging based on the number of staff the client has. An AYCE Per User Agreement has an End Date, and can be assigned to up to a specified number of users.

AYCE Per Device Agreements should set ‘Require Time on Ticket to Close’ enabled to track the time consumed and not set Billable due to the client having purchased support for up to the Max User Count.

The AYCE Per User Agreement below starts on 1-7-2020 to support 25 users. This Agreement cannot be applied to more than 25 users. The Agreement should be renewed before 1-8-2021 for continuous uninterrupted service.

Starts At - The start date of the current Agreement.

Ends At - The date at which the current Agreement expires/ends.

Max User Count - The number of users this Agreement can be used for. Use 0 for unlimited.

User Count - The number of Users that have been assigned to this Agreement.

Hours Consumed - The number of hours that have been used for services against this Agreement.

Internal Cost Per Hour - - An overview of company expenditures to compare with the amount being charged to Clients.

Alerts for AYCE Per User Agreements:

Only one type of alerts is needed for AYCE Agreements: an alert for the renewal date. When an alert is triggered it will create a sales ticket in Naverisk.

The example below shows alert that will be generated 7 days before the Agreement’s renewal date.

You can also alert on the % of the time that has passed within the Agreement.

Assigning Users to the Agreement

Users are assigned to the Agreement on the Clients page. Select the desired client, and go to the Contacts tab. You can either edit a single contact or select the Agreement:

Otherwise you can select multiple contacts in the list, choose Bulk Update Contact Attributes:

Then select the Agreement, which will be applied to all selected contacts.

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