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Third Party Remote Control
Third Party Remote Control
Discover how to enable Third Party Remote Control and connect remotely.
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You can use Third Party Remote Control as an optional method of Remote Control within Naverisk. This document explains how to enable this option and use it to connect remotely.

1.0 Enabling Third Party Remote Control

To enable Third Party Remote Control, edit the web.config file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Naverisk Website\Naverisk. Add the following line to this file unless it is already present.

Please do not copy text directly from this document to avoid font discrepancies interfering with the configuration:

<add key="ShowThirdPartyRemoteControl" value="True"/>

Once this line is added you will need to restart your Site Controller service for the changes to take effect.

Next you will need to Enable the Third-party Remote Control under your Remote-Control Settings:

Then click Save Settings:

This will enable an extra option in your Remote Control list called 'External Remote Control'.

2.0 Using Third Party Remote Control

After selecting ‘External Remote Control’, you can use your Third Party Remote Control system to connect to the Device by providing the URL in the Device Attributes field labelled ‘External RC URL’. This URL is usually static so should only need to be entered once for each device in Naverisk. Steps for third party remote control are otherwise the same as any other remote control method. 

If you have any questions or need support on this please contact

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