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Arma Quick Start Guide
Arma Quick Start Guide
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Arma has been built by MSP’s and IT teams for MSP’s and IT teams.

Our mission is to slash the cost and complexity of data protection service delivery through a robust, simple, 100% cloud based data protection platform that includes billing automation for MSP's.

Login to Arma Backup

You will be taken to the Dashboard screen.

The dashboard shows a summary of the backup status of all protected systems and billing plan consumption for clients under management.

Add clients

Once logged in add one, or more, clients.

Select 'Clients' and '+ New Client'

Fill in all required fields including; Name, Data Plan (to automate data protection billing), Administrator, Reseller, and Contact details and Billing Address .

Configure storage

Arma supports two configurable storage options with out-of-the-box integations to all geographic Wasabi zones.

  1. Primary Storage. Any S3 compatable storage location.

  2. Seconday Storage. Any storage location, S3, local drive or network share.

Test Connection. Runs connectivity tests from online devices at the client site to ensure storage has been configured correctly and devices at the client site can communicate with the storage.

Add devices

Arma supports the following Operating Systems.
· Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022.

· Windows Workstation 7, 8, 10, and, 11.

· Mac Carolina and Ventura.

· Linux Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Fedora, Alma, Rocky, and Mint.

Installing a device

Select Clients/Devices and '+ New Device'.

Select device operating system and preferred installation method (64 bit installer or script).

Selecting "Download agent" will download a generic, client-independent, installer that can be run locally on any device at any client site.

Once installed on the local device, run the Arma Backup Connect application to connect the device to the Arma cloud. Please Note if your account has 2FA enabled you will be prompted to enter your 2FA code.

Command line and scripted install

Copy the command line install and run in the device's command console, or use an installation script.

Please note:

• Each command line installation string is client-dependent (i.e. unique for each client).

• The installation command must be run as an Admin user.

For more on Device Management and troubleshooting, see Device Management.

Configuring backups

In order to backup data on a device you must configure Sync Control and enable one, or more, backup Profiles for each device.

Sync Control

Run one sync at a time. To balance device resource utlization and backup performance, multiple syncs can be run sequentially, or in parallel.

Sync Resource. To further balance device resource utlization and backup performance use Configure Resource, this sets the number of threads syncs consume on the device.


One or more profiles must be enabled for each device.

Out-of-the box profiles

Custom profiles

Wild cards

Arma supports the use of Wildcards to filter data backup inclusions and exclusions.

Manually testing your backups

Click the Run button to start a sync manually for a device.

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