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Restoring Data
Restoring Data
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Select data to restore

Goto Device/Data.

Browse or Search for data to restore and if required select a Restore Point.

Restore data

Restoration options.

Restore from. Select Primary or Secondary Storage to restore data from.
​Test Connnectivity. Check connectivity to storage before restoring data.
​Restore to. Select destination for restored data.

Checking restore Progress

View the restore status for a device in Device/Syncs.

Restoring backed up data to a new device

This procedure will connect a new device to an existing data store.

  1. Install the Arma agent on the new device.

  2. Run the Arma Backup Connect application.

  3. Select the client and Select Device: Existing.

  4. Select the old device that has been replaced (do not select New Device).

  5. Run a restore to the new device.

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