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Storage Management
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Storage must be configured for each client.

Arma supports two configurable storage options with out-of-the-box integations to all geographic Wasabi zones.

  1. Primary Storage. Any S3 compatible storage location or network drive.

  2. Secondary Storage. Any storage location, S3, local drive, or network share

Primary Storage

Go to Clients/Storage and configure an S3 storage location or network drive. Primary Storage must be either an S3 location or a network drive.

Secondary Storage

Secondary Storage can be any S3 storage location, local drive or network share.

Arma Cloud Storage

Arma provides out-of-the-box native cloud storage powered by Wasabi with integrations into all Wasabi zones to address data sovereignty requirements.

Custom S3 Storage

Select any S3 storage location. Fill in all compulsory fields.

Test Connection. This runs connectivity tests from online devices at the client site to ensure storage has been configured correctly and devices can communicate with the storage.

S3 configuration example. Contact support if you require assistance with these settings.

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