In this guide you will be provided with the commands to install and uninstall a Linux Agent as well as the file locations and agent control relating to the agent. Each of the commands and directories have been checked and thoroughly tested. Should you experience any issues with running these commands or locating the files in the file locations provided, please contact for assistance.

1.0 Installing Linux Agents

First, download the correct 64bit or 32bit version from your Naverisk console.  

When downloading Linux agents please download them directly to a Linux based machine. If you download the agent to a Windows machine first, then the installer can be modified when sending to the Linux device, resulting in extraction errors.

Install using:

  • sudo bash ./{}

If you need to upgrade it, just repeat the installation command with the new installer.

Splashtop Streamer and Naverisk RC are currently unavailable for Linux agents.

2.0 Removing LinuxAgents

Remove agents by running the following commands in sequence:

2.1 Linux Agents:

sudo systemctl stop naverisk-agent

sudo rm -rf /var/Naverisk

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/Naverisk

sudo rm -rf /root/Naverisk

sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/naverisk-agent.service

2.2 Linux Agents (older versions):

sudo initctl stop naverisk-agent

sudo rm -rf /var/Naverisk

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/Naverisk

sudo rm -rf /root/Naverisk

sudo rm /etc/init/naverisk-agent.conf


3.0 File Locations

3.1 Linux:

Log files - /root/Naverisk

Config file - /var/Naverisk/Agent

Executable - /usr/share/Naverisk

Service defn - /etc/systemd/system/naverisk-agent.service – Ubuntu 16 and above

Service defn - /etc/init/naverisk-agent.conf – Ubuntu 14 and below

4.0 Agent Control

4.1 Ubuntu 14+:

sudo systemctl status naverisk-agent

sudo systemctl stop naverisk-agent

sudo systemctl start naverisk-agent

4.2 Ubuntu (older versions):

sudo initctl status naverisk-agent

sudo initctl stop naverisk-agent

sudo initctl start naverisk-agent

4.3 RedHat:

service naverisk-agent status

service naverisk-agent stop

service naverisk-agent start

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